We are able to assist you with

  • Sale and purchase of residential properties such as houses, apartments, townhouses
  • Sale and purchase of commercial properties such as includes business premises, offices, warehouses
  • Sale and purchase of vacant land properties
  • Applying for First Home Buyer Assistance scheme and First Home Owner’s Grant (New Homes) scheme
  • Transferring of property between husband and wife and other close family relationships
  • Obtaining Foreign Investment Review Board approvals for non-residents

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide you with professional advice based on our detailed reviews of contracts for the sale and purchase of property and businesses at a fair and competitive price. We aim to be friendly, courteous and approachable in our service to you.

Property Purchase

In every property purchase transaction there are risk factors and many things that can go wrong. To minimise your risk we offer free pre-exchange services to:

  • Check that your contract is in order including GST issues, title particulars, zoning certificate, drainage and also special condition requirements.
  • Order building and pest reports for you.
  • Order strata report for units and apartments.
  • Organise Local Council Building Certificate.

Prior to exchange of contracts we try to ensure that you are fully organised and that any loan you decide to take out has been organised by you and that you fully understand your contract and search enquires as indicated above.

To avoid being gazumped where another purchaser buys your property we can organise for exchange of contracts with a 5 day cooling off period to allow you sufficient time to organise your pre-exchange search reports and also your loan. In such cases if you do not wish to go ahead with the contract within the 5 working days after exchange of contracts you would be liable to pay the Vendor a penalty of 0.25% of the purchase price.

In the purchase of Property we carry out negotiations of special conditions, request for requisitions on title, post-exchange searches on government interests in the land, organise stamp duty on the contract and prepare Transfer, organise settlement with you and your lender and also give you final advice on the property purchase.

Loan Documents – Where required we can also advise you on mortgage documents, guarantee documents.

Purchase Off the Plan – When buying property off the plan we recommend that you do not settle until the Vendor is able to provide you with an occupation certificate. Additional checks are required on registration of the Strata Plan to ensure that the Property complies with the Schedule of Finishes in the contract, the size and location in the draft Strata Plan. We also recommend for you to obtain a depreciation schedule so that you also have tax deduction benefits on your purchase.

GST – For all GST liable property you should seek financial advice from your Accountant to confirm your liability for GST and how to structure your purchase so that you can claim your GST payment back from the Australian Taxation Office.

First Home Owner Scheme – We also assist you with your First Home Owner Scheme application at no cost if your local bank is not able to organise this for you.


Without expert professional legal advice a lot can go wrong and sour on what is possibly one of the largest investments of your life. We can advise you on:

  • Your Contract
  • Pest Reports
  • Building and Strata Reports
  • Illegal building structures
  • Right of Way, Easements and Covenants

And MUCH MORE. We are here to protect you and your property!